Monday, September 28, 2009

Season's Greetings to my blog's readers and followers

Thanks for your support, encouragement and feedback.

Please enjoy the festive season safely and responsibly.


tax_trp said...

thanks, happy dushhera to you too.
mansoor panjwani

N said...

Speaking as an investor not a trader, your blog is good because you also explain the significance of different technical analysis in reaching your opinions. I'm fully invested in the FTSE so have a real interest in timing and whether to take profit during this bull run, whether to hold (my current position), or whether to increase my investment. This blog is now my first read every morning to see your views. It's always interesting! Thanks!

Subhankar said...

@mansoor: Thanks for your greetings.

@N: Appreciate your comments.

Please remember that technical analysis is not a science, and is prone to different interpretations.