Friday, November 17, 2017

Technical updates – Gayatri Projects and IRB Infrastructure

With the economy showing signs of settling down after absorbing the double-whammy of demonetisation and GST implementation, focus of investors and analysts is shifting towards the neglected infrastructure sector once again.

Fortunes of shareholders of two companies from the construction sector - Gayatri Projects and IRB Infrastructure - have taken divergent paths. The stock of Gayatri Projects has gained 47% in the past two years, while the stock of IRB Infra has lost 7%.

On the financial front, Gayatri Projects has a debt/equity ratio of 2.22 and its financial expenses are 200% higher than its net profit. IRB Infra has a lower debt/equity ratio of 1.23 and its financial expenses are 50% higher than its net profit.

Gayatri Projects is trading at a P/E of 9.2. IRB Infra is trading at a four times higher P/E of 39.9. 

Gayatri Projects

The closing stock price of Gayatri Projects formed a 'triple bottom' reversal pattern below its three EMAs during Feb '16 and May '16. That triggered a price recovery that faced strong resistance from its Nov '15 top of 151.50.

A breakout with good volume support above 151.50 on Apr 17 '17 failed to sustain above the resistance level. Another breakout on Jun 5 '17 managed to keep the stock price above the resistance level, which was subsequently tested on Jul 5 '17 and Aug 10 '17 and turned into a support level.

The stock rose to touch a new high of 201.75 on Nov 16 '17 (note that the stock's face value was split from Rs 10 to Rs 2 in Feb '17). Daily technical indicators are looking bullish but showing negative divergences by failing to touch new highs with the stock's price.

Some correction or consolidation may occur. For the past two months, bulls are buying every dip, so corrections have been shallow.

IRB Infrastructure

The closing stock price chart of IRB Infrastructure has frustrated long-term investors but given plenty of opportunities to short-term traders. The chart shows three bearish phases and three bullish phases during the past two years.

Light blue ovals have marked every crossing of the 50 day EMA below (death cross) or above (golden cross) the 200 day EMA. The 200 day EMA itself has meandered sideways for the past two years - giving no advantage to bulls or bears.

Daily technical indicators are looking bearish after correcting overbought conditions. The stock price touched a higher bottom of 200.60 on Aug 10 '17, and may attempt to rise past its May 2 '17 top of 266.80.

(If you wish to enter either of these stocks, or any other stocks from the construction sector, you are on your own. The sector typically has high debt and uneven cash flows and profits.)

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