Friday, February 8, 2013

How Asian stock indices have performed vs. BSE Sensex

In a post on Sep 15 ‘12, a comparison was posted between Asian stock indices and BSE Sensex. Except for the stock indices of Malaysia and Singapore, which had outperformed the Sensex over the previous 12 months, the Sensex did better or was an equal performer – thanks to good FII inflows.

Of late, the Sensex has been correcting after crossing the psychological 20,000 level. It could be due to the poor GDP number; or, it could be collective fear due to proximity to previous tops (which were followed by big corrections); or, it could be routine profit booking. Whatever be the reason, smart investors are probably using the dip to add.

Note that the Sensex has given positive returns over the past 6 months, as have 6 of the 7 Asian indices – with the Malaysian index being the sole exception.

China (Shanghai Composite) vs. Sensex


China’s economic growth has been higher than India’s, but that is not reflected in the Shanghai Composite index, which has underperformed the Sensex – except in the first week of Feb ‘13.

HongKong (Hang Seng) vs. Sensex


For a couple of months – from mid-Aug to Mid-Oct ‘12 – the Sensex outperformed the Hang Seng index. Thereafter, Hang Seng has been the better performer despite correcting in Feb ‘13.

Taiwan (TSEC) vs. Sensex


Sensex trailed Taiwan’s TSEC index in Aug and Sep ‘12, but has outperformed thereafter.

Indonesia (Jakarta Composite) vs. Sensex


Jakarta Composite  moved pretty much in tandem with the Sensex till Nov ‘12, but fell behind thereafter.

South Korea (KOSPI) vs. Sensex


South Korea’s KOSPI index led the Sensex till mid-Sep ‘12. Subsequently, Sensex has been the outperformer.

Malaysia (KLCI) vs. Sensex


Malaysia’s KLCI index is the only one that has given negative returns in the past 6 months. No wonder Sensex has outperformed it by a wide margin, despite falling behind in Aug ‘12.

Singapore (STI) vs. Sensex


Sensex outperformed Singapore’s STI index during the past 6 months – which is a bit of a surprise.

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