Friday, January 4, 2013

How is the Sensex performing against Asian indices?

You may find it hard to believe, but it is true. The Sensex has been the best performing stock index over the past 12 months when compared with its Asian peers.

Through all the chaos, scams, policy inaction, allies of the government turning foes, opposition parties stalling parliament proceedings, high interest rates, high inflation, fiscal and current account deficits, sliding exports, falling Rupee and a slipping GDP – FIIs kept faith in the Indian stock market.

DIIs on the other hand, played contrarian by selling off. Perhaps many were forced to do so as retail investors pulled money out of the market. Did anyone other than FIIs gain from the Sensex rise? May be a few fortunate or prudent investors, who locked on to FMCG and Pharma stocks.

Shown below are one year closing chart patterns of Asian stock indices (in blue), compared with Sensex chart (in green):

Shanghai Composite vs. SENSEX (in green)


Except for a brief spell in early Jan ‘12 and most of May ‘12, the Shanghai Composite index was outperformed by Sensex – particularly from Jul ‘12 onwards.

Hang Seng vs. SENSEX (in green)


Hang Seng moved in lock-step with Sensex for the first 5 months of the year, before losing some ground during the rest of the year. But it came close to matching the Sensex performance with a 20% gain for the year.

Taiwan TSEC vs. SENSEX (in green)


Taiwan’s TSEC index managed to hold its own till May ‘12 before getting left behind by the Sensex for the rest of the year.

Jakarta Composite vs. SENSEX (in green)


Except for the first half of Jan ‘12 and during Apr-May ‘12, Jakarta Composite index was no match for the Sensex.

Malaysia KLCI vs. SENSEX (in green)

Malaysia KLCI

For the first four months and the last four months of the year, Sensex clearly outperformed Malaysia’s KLCI index. During May-Aug ‘12, the race was a bit closer.

Singapore STI vs. SENSEX (in green)


Singapore’s Straits Times index matched or beat the Sensex performance during the first 8 months of the year, and notched up a creditable 20% gain. But Sensex outperformed STI during the last 4 months.

Korea KOSPI vs. SENSEX (in green)


For a few days in Mar ‘12 and May ‘12, Korea’s KOSPI index tried to hang on to Sensex coattails, only to be left far behind.

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