Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gold and Silver Chart Patterns: an update

Gold Chart Pattern


Gold’s price had formed a double-top reversal pattern after touching 1900. The double-top was confirmed when the price dropped below the ‘valley’ level 1750 between the two tops. Downward target of 1600 was achieved quickly on gold’s chart, after which gold’s price has been consolidating within an upward-sloping ‘wedge’ pattern.

Most consolidation patterns tend to be continuation patterns. That means, the trend before entering the pattern – down, in this case – would continue once price break out happens. Unlike triangle and rectangle patterns, from which break outs can happen in either direction, the rising wedge is fairly dependable. It forms during bear phases, and the price break out is downwards.

Bulls may feel enthused that gold’s price is trading above the 14 day SMA, and the 200 day SMA is still rising – indicating that the bull market is far from over. But the possibility of a break below the rising wedge pattern, and a test of support from the 200 day SMA should induce caution.

Existing holders can keep a stop-loss at 1540 (the level of the 200 day SMA) and continue to hold. New entrants can wait for a likely upward bounce from the 200 day to accumulate. (Note: At the time of writing this post, gold’s price has dropped sharply to 1630, indicating a break below the rising wedge.)

Silver Chart Pattern


After dropping like a brick below the 200 day SMA, silver’s price has been consolidating within a symmetrical triangle. Though silver’s price is trading above the 14 day SMA – a short-term positive – the longer-term outlook is not bullish.

The 30 day SMA (not shown in chart above) has slipped below the 200 day SMA, and the 60 day SMA is likely to follow suit. The 200 day SMA is flattening and may turn downwards soon. Silver’s price is in a clear down trend, marked by lower tops and lower bottoms. Downside targets are 24 and 20. Wait for the correction to play out.


Shawk said...

I'd like to see a drop to test support in the $1500's or maybe even lower. Clean out any bulls and open up the doors to a quick retest of highs. Would give you a better entry

Subhankar said...

Gold's price has been consolidating after a steep drop from a double-top reversal pattern. A test of support from the rising 200 day SMA (currently at 1540) is very much on the cards.