Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gold and Silver Chart Patterns: trying to find bottoms

Gold Chart Pattern


In the previous post, I had mentioned about a possible bullish ascending triangle pattern formation on gold’s chart - from which an upward break out was likely. Ascending triangles tend to be fairly reliable. But not so this time. An attempted upward break out was thwarted by the bears.

Selling pressure pushed down gold’s price below its 14 day and 30 day SMAs. However, the previous low of 1480, touched in May ‘11, seems to be providing support. If the support holds, gold’s price will form a rectangular consolidation pattern – within 1480 and 1550. Rectangles  are usually continuation patterns – which means an upward break out is likely.

What should investors do? The earlier suggestion stands: buy on a break out above 1550. An analyst friend, whose bold views I admire, believes that gold’s price can double by the end of 2011 – because current demand is far outstripping supply. Apparently, a detailed report by Standard Chartered has echoed his bullish views.

Caveat Emptor. 

Silver Chart Pattern


Silver’s chart pattern had been consolidating within a symmetrical triangle, after dropping from its peak of 48.70. Symmetrical triangles tend to be continuation patterns, and I had expected a downward break below the triangle, followed by a test of support from the rising 200 day SMA.

Silver’s price did break below the triangle, but is trying to find a bottom at the support level of 34. Will the support hold? May be not. A test of the previous low of 32.50 and the 200 day SMA can’t be ruled out yet.

The white metal is trading below its 14 day, 30 day and 60 day SMAs after making a series of lower tops and lower bottoms. The short-term and medium-term views are bearish. Bulls should not lose heart – as long as silver trades above its rising 200 day SMA.

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Subhankar said...

The break out above 1550 has happened. Happy days are here again for gold bulls!