Friday, May 19, 2017

Stock Chart Pattern – Diamines and Chemicals (an update)

Shortly after posting the previous update, the stock chart pattern of Diamines and Chemicals had entered a long bear phase that finally ended at a closing low of 18 in Mar '14.

The subsequent rally took the stock price to a high of 50 in Sep '14 - a quick return of 177% in 6 months. Another correction ensued. The stock formed a 'double bottom' reversal pattern during Mar-Jun '15.

That was a signal that the bear phase had finally come to an end. But bulls didn't have it easy.

The stock price rose to a lower top of 46.40 on Aug 5 '15 and began a long sideways consolidation within a 'rectangle' pattern. A 'rectangle' - though unreliable - is usually a continuation pattern.

Since the stock price had entered the 'rectangle' from below, the expected breakout from it was upwards. The breakout finally occurred with good volume support on Oct 25 '16, after a couple of failed attempts.

A pullback towards the top of the 'rectangle' found good support from the rising 50 day EMA on Nov 18. The next leg of the rally ensued - giving an opportunity to enter for those who may have missed buying during the initial breakout above the 'rectangle'.

The stock faced resistance from the 72 level in Jan '17 and corrected nearly 20 points to a low of 52.50 on Feb 16 '17. The subsequent rally took the stock past 72 to a new closing high of 84.25 on May 16 '17 before correcting a bit.

Daily technical indicators are in the process of correcting overbought conditions. The company has declared very good Q4 (Mar '17) results after a couple of years of poor performance. Dips can be used to add. 

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