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Saturday, May 16, 2015

How is Nifty faring against Asian Market indices?

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about how some FIIs have been spooked by the retrospective MAT notices and poor Q4 results from India Inc.

Short-term funds in particular have been on a selling spree that has led to a 10% correction in Nifty – after it touched a lifetime high in early Mar ‘15.

So, what are FIIs doing with the funds pulled out from India? A look at the comparative charts of six Asian indices clearly show that Nifty is not the sole sufferer.

Only Hang Seng has outperformed Nifty – and that too only during the past month.

Hang Seng vs. NIFTY (in green)


The 1 year closing chart of Hang Seng underperformed Nifty till mid-April ‘15. But after touching a 52 week high, it has also faced a correction, and may be forming a head-and-shoulders reversal pattern.

Jakarta vs. NIFTY (in green)


The Jakarta Composite index has consistently underperformed Nifty dirong the past year.

Korea KOSPI vs. NIFTY (in green)


Korea’s KOSPI index spent several months in negative territory, but managed to eke out a small gain during the past year – but has clearly underperformed against Nifty.

Malaysia KLCI vs. NIFTY (in green)

Malaysia KLCI_May15

Malaysia’s KLCI index has spent the past year in negative territory, and has been the worst performer among the Asian indices.

Singapore STI vs. NIFTY (in green)


Singapore’s Straits Times index has mimicked Jakarta’s moves – making a small gain but underperforming Nifty throughout the past year.

Taiwan TSEC vs. NIFTY (in green)


Taiwan’s TSEC index tried to keep pace with Nifty, but dropped off from Aug ‘14 onwards. It managed an 8% gain during the past year, underperforming Nifty by 50%.

Small investors should take heart. The present corrective move in Nifty is an opportunity to enter good large-cap stocks. You will reap the benefits when Nifty touches 12,000 (yes, it will – in the not-too-distant future).

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