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Friday, April 17, 2015

Is the stock market defying conventional logic?

Interest rate has started coming down. So has inflation. WPI inflation is actually negative. IIP number is positive and inching up – indicating manufacturing growth.

Forex reserves are at an all-time high. Sales of medium and heavy commercial vehicles are rising – which is an indication of a recovering economy. Passenger car sales grew after 2 years of de-growth.

These are all signs of an economy that is returning to a path of growth. As per conventional logic, a growing economy should lead to a rising stock market.

So, why is the stock market defying logic? It is like asking: “Why do mosquitoes sting?”  The answer is: “It is their nature to do so.”

Experts and analysts try their level best to explain the reasons for a market correction. As if they really know.

Some said that expectations of poor Q4 results led to the correction. But everyone has been expecting poor Q4 results for quite some time.

Others said that PSU divestments and IPOs are sucking out cash from the secondary market. Weren’t these same experts saying a couple of weeks back that a lot of ‘cash is waiting in the sidelines’? 

(By the way, ‘cash waiting in the sidelines’ is one of those enduring myths in the market. Unless the cash gets invested in FPOs or IPOs, it always remains in the sidelines. Think about it.)

One talking head on a business channel said: “The market has been boosted by a liquidity driven rally.” Wonder what kind of a rally will occur without any liquidity!

The market has a tendency of going against consensus estimates and expectations. Which increases the probability that Q4 results will throw up some positive surprises.

IndusInd Bank has declared very good results. TCS came out with a decent set of numbers – if you look beyond the one-time bonus payment to employees.

Smart investors look for opportunities to buy during such corrections. That doesn’t mean you need to jump in feet first. Do your homework, be patient and wait for opportunities.

Have you looked at hospitality sector stocks lately? Most small investors are shunning them. The “e-Visa on arrival” scheme should be a huge boon for the sector.

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