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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Comparing Nifty with Global Indices over the past year

The Indian stock market performed splendidly during the past year. Nifty gained nearly 35% when it hit its peak earlier this month. The subsequent correction pared off some of the gains. Yet Nifty clocked more than 25% gains for the year – which is quite substantial for an index dominated by large-cap stocks.

To put the gains into perspective, Nifty’s one year closing chart (in blue) has been compared with 10 global index charts (in green). With the notable exception of Argentina’s MERVAL index, which handsomely outperformed Nifty during the year, the other 9 indices trailed Nifty’s performance by large margins.

Small investors are flocking back to the Indian market – as can be seen from large inflows into domestic mutual funds – getting attracted by Nifty’s gains during the past year. It is unlikely that there will be a repeat performance from Nifty during 2015-16 fiscal year. However, a 15% gain looks possible – and will still beat bank fixed deposit and debt fund returns.

Australia All Ordinaries (in green) vs. NIFTY


Australia’s stock index dipped into negative zone during Oct ‘14 and Dec ‘14, but managed to eke out about 10% gains during the year.

Austria ATX (in green) vs. NIFTY


Austria’s ATX index gave negative returns through most of the year – managing to close flat for the year.

DAX Germany (in green) vs. NIFTY


Germany’s DAX index oscillated between positive and negative zones till the beginning of 2015. The index rallied spectacularly during the past 3 months, managing to catch up with Nifty’s gains by the end of the year.

France CAC40 (in green) vs. NIFTY


France’s CAC40 index rallied strongly from Jan ‘15 and managed to close the year with 15% gains after spending several months in negative zone.

MERVAL Argentina (in green) vs. NIFTY


Argentina’s MERVAL index took investors on a roller coaster ride – gaining a huge 100% by end Sep ‘14, then giving up most of the gains by Dec ‘14, only to rally strongly to end the year with 75% gains – handsomely outperforming Nifty.

Canada TSX (in green) vs. NIFTY


After briefly outperforming Nifty in early May ‘14, Canada’s TSX index ended the year with a meagre 5% gain.

S&P 500 (in green) vs. NIFTY


USA’s SPX index had a very good year gaining 12% in a country where interest rate is 0. But it underperformed Nifty almost throughout the year.

Taiwan TSEC (in green) vs. NIFTY


Taiwan is an Asian manufacturing tiger – specially in electronics and computers. But its TSEC index barely gave 10% returns to investors.

Korea KOSPI (in green) vs. NIFTY


Korea’s KOSPI index hugely underperformed the Nifty, just managing to close in positive zone.

Malaysia KLCI (in green) vs. NIFTY


Malaysia’s KLCI index remained in negative zone despite a late rally – underperforming Nifty by a large margin from May ‘14 onwards.

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Subhankar said...

Investors should be wise not to jump in and buy in the Buenos Aires stock exchange (MERVAL).

This article explains why.

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