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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Realty Sector stocks – worth a look? Nah!

The realty sector has been in the doldrums for quite some time now. Builders are hanging on to their unsold inventory in a bid to keep prices from crashing. Buyers are in no great hurry to relieve the builders of their pain.

Many builders are now being forced to liquidate some of their land banks and unsold projects to try and keep their heads above water. The charts of most realty sector stocks are in long-term bear markets.

As in any sector, a couple of companies are able to swim against the tide. Does that make their stock worth buying? Their fundamentals don’t justify it. If you are really keen about the sector, you may be better off buying land.

Hubtown (Ackruti City)


The stock closed at a 52 week high of 194.50 and forayed into bull territory for about 4 months. But the good times didn’t last. The stock is back in a long-term bear market.

Ashiana Housing

Ashiana Housing_Dec2014

Since a 5:1 stock split back in Oct ‘13, the stock has been climbing relentlessly, gaining 4 times from its post-split low. Though it is one of the few charts in a bull market, valuations are astronomically high.



The stock closed at a 52 week high of 241.30 back in Jun ‘14, but lost more than 50% due to strictures from the Competition Commission. The Vadra Haryana land deal is turning out to be another thorn in its flesh. Despite a rally from its low, the stock is back in a long-term bear market.

DS Kulkarni


The stock price closed at a 52 week high of 103.25 in Nov ‘14, more than doubling within a year. After a brief correction from its top, the stock is trying to resume its up move, and is clearly in a bull market. However, valuation is stretched and fundamentals are weak.

Ganesh Housing

Ganesh Housing_Dec2014

The stock price closed at a 52 week high of 211.40 back in Jul ‘14, gaining more than 3 times from its 52 week low. Its subsequent correction is still ongoing. The stock price has dropped below its three EMAs and may soon be back in a bear market.



The stock gained almost 4 times from its 52 week low by closing at 48.45 in Jul ‘14. It has been correcting since then, and is struggling to stay in a bull market. A fall below 27 will mean a continuation of the bearish pattern of lower tops and lower bottoms.



The stock briefly entered bull territory and touched a 52 week high of 151.05 in Jun ‘14, but soon dropped below all three EMAs into a long-term bear market.



The stock price more than doubled from its 52 week low by touching a high of 123.95 in Jul ‘14. It has been in a corrective mode since then, and has dropped into a bear market.



The stock touched a 52 week high of 37.80 in Jun ‘14, gaining more than 3 times from its 52 week low. It has been all downhill since then, as the stock slides deeper into a bear market.

Vijay Shanti Builders

Vijay Shanti Builders_Dec2014

The stock chart pattern isn’t much different from most of the others from the sector. A gain of about 70% from its 52 week low, and a brief entry into bull territory was followed by a steady slide back into a long-term bear market.

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