Thursday, October 24, 2013

Comparative charts of world stock indices at 52 week highs

In yesterday’s post on the Nifty chart, the concluding comments were: “Expect some more correction, but remember that many global stock indices are at or near life-time or 52 week highs. That is a sign of a global bull market.”

Given below are the 1 yr closing charts of 10 global stock indices (in blue) that are at or near their 52 week highs. The 1 yr closing chart of Nifty (in green) has been superimposed for comparison purposes.

Notable exceptions are the three BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, China – whose stock indices are well below their 52 week highs. But wait a minute. Isn’t China’s economy showing the strongest growth? Much stronger than India’s? And isn’t the economic growth in USA one of the weakest?

So, how come Nifty is performing better than the Shanghai Composite, and S&P 500 is outperforming Nifty? Just goes to show that economic growth and stock market performance don’t go hand-in-hand.

Australia All Ordinaries vs. NIFTY (in green)


The Australian index has outperformed Nifty after falling behind till Feb ‘13.

Austria ATX vs. NIFTY (in green)

Austria ATX_Oct13 

The Austrian index has outperformed Nifty throughout the past 12 months.

France CAC40 vs. NIFTY (in green)


France’s economy is still struggling to grow, but its stock index has beaten Nifty hands down.

DAX Germany vs. NIFTY (in green)


Germany’s stock index has outperformed Nifty since Dec ‘12.

MERVAL Argentina vs. NIFTY (in green)


Argentina’s stock index is one of the best performers over the past 12 months – rising almost 150%.

Canada TSX vs. NIFTY (in green)

Canada TSX_Oct13

Canada’s stock index has matched Nifty’s performance but with a lot less volatility.

S&P 500 vs. NIFTY (in green)


The stock index of USA has trounced Nifty handsomely despite sluggish economic growth.

Taiwan TSEC vs. NIFTY (in green)

Taiwan TSEC_Oct13

Taiwan’s TSEC has outperformed Nifty from Feb ‘13 onwards.

Korea KOSPI vs. NIFTY (in green)


KOSPI is the only index among the 10 that Nifty has managed to leave behind.

Malaysia KLCI vs. NIFTY (in green)

KLCI Malaysia_Oct13

Malaysia’s KLCI index lagged behind Nifty till Mar ‘13, but has managed to make up the deficit.

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