Saturday, September 15, 2012

How Asian stock indices have performed vs. BSE Sensex

Strong inflow of FII money has taken the Sensex to a 6 months high – just below its 52 week high touched in Feb ‘12 – making the Sensex one of the better performing stock indices globally. But FIIs have been buying into other countries as well – boosting their stock indices.

Here is a look at how the one year closing chart of the Sensex (in green) compares with charts of some Asian indices (in blue).

China (Shanghai Composite) vs. Sensex


Despite its high-growth economy, China’s Shanghai Composite index has given negative returns and hugely underperformed the Sensex over the past 12 months – moving in the opposite direction since Jun ‘12.

HongKong (Hang Seng) vs. Sensex


In contrast, HongKong’s Hang Seng index has given positive returns during the past 12 months and managed to outperform the Sensex during the first 6 months of this calendar year. Only during the past 3 months has the Sensex been able to overtake the Hang Seng.

Taiwan (TSEC) vs. Sensex


Taiwan’s TSEC index has provided marginally positive returns over the past year. After matching the Sensex performance till Jun ‘12, it got left behind during the last 3 months’ rally.

Indonesia (Jakarta Composite) vs. Sensex


Despite some underperformance during Oct & Nov ‘11 and Feb ‘12, Indonesia’s Jakarta Composite index has kept pace with the Sensex and provided positive returns over the past 12 months.

South Korea (KOSPI) vs. Sensex


South Korea’s KOSPI index outperformed India’s Sensex during a 7 months period from Dec ‘11 to Jun ‘12, before the Sensex caught up during the past 3 months – both indices providing positive returns over the past year.

Malaysia (KLCI) vs. Sensex


During Sep to Nov ‘11 and Feb ‘12, Sensex performed better than Malaysia’s KLCI index. Otherwise, KLCI outperformed the Sensex and gave better returns during the past year.

Singapore (STI) vs. Sensex


Singapore’s Straits Times index outperformed India’s Sensex – except during Oct & Nov ‘11 – and gave better returns over the past one year.

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