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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gold and Silver Chart Patterns: up, up and away?

In an update of the technical chart patterns of gold and silver posted two weeks back, I had mentioned about the possibility of a sharp correction in gold’s price due to the extremely overbought condition, and advised investors to use the dip to buy. Silver’s price was expected to pull back a bit after a quick rise above the 14 day SMA, and provide a good buying opportunity.

Gold Chart Pattern


A sharp correction was expected – and what a sharp correction it was! Gold’s price was shaved off by almost $200 in the space of two days of trading. The 14 day SMA was easily breached and the price headed down towards the 30 day SMA. The bounce back was equally sharp.

Before the overbought condition could be properly rectified, gold’s price shot up above the $1900 mark. The volatility continues in today’s trading. Price touched a new peak of $1920, only to correct by more than $50 within a couple of hours! At the time of writing this post, gold’s price seems to be stabilising around $1900.

Such volatility is a sign of growing uncertainty, probably caused by the bleak outlook of the US and Eurozone economies. Uncertainty usually precedes a correction. That doesn’t mean that gold’s price may not rise some more. But one should be very cautious about entering near all-time highs – regardless of what you may hear or read.

Technically, the ever widening distance between the 14 day SMA as well as the 30 day SMA (not shown in the chart above) and the 200 day SMA is a harbinger of a big price meltdown. If you are invested in gold, maintain a strict stop-loss at 1820 – which is the level of the 14 day SMA.

Regular readers know that I am not a fan of buying gold because it provides no returns. If you are interested about a view based on historical analysis of gold and stock investment performance, read this article.

Silver Chart Pattern


Silver’s price chart shows a short and sharp correction, from $44 to $40, and a quick dip below the 14 day SMA. A pull back to $42 was expected. It provided a good entry opportunity. The quick recovery did not affect the upward momentum of the 14 day SMA or the 200 day SMA. The bull market in silver is intact, which is confirmed by the bullish pattern of rising tops and rising bottoms.

During today’s trading, silver’s price faced a sharp $2 drop before stabilising near the $42.50 mark. Technically, there isn’t any immediate threat of a big price correction. Dips can be used to accumulate. A convincing move above $49 will restore control to the bulls.

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